• TANZI Components - our past

    our past

    Born in 1968, to produce office furniture and custom laminate and melamine, we have developed our products to monitor the needs of our partners.
    The choice on the availability of products in prompt delivery offers a variety of forms among different operational and management collections, available in numerous sizes and details.
    Entrusting the design of your office to a team of experts, that will follow you in the realization pre- and post-sales, you will appreciate the engagement and the passion that leads our work from forty years.
    Our production system and sales management have always allowed us to distinguish ourselves in the furniture industry.
  • TANZI Components - our future

    our future

    Research, product development, innovation and quality are the strong points on which is based a future that, first of all, we want to be in line and coincident with the satisfaction of those who work with us.
    The integration of new systems design and the presentation of materials are always at the attention of the sales management to allow a greater incidence of our partners.
  • TANZI Components - services


    Consulting and planning, even the support in the choice and in the realization of your operational space or of your customers, will make you appreciate customers and in the daily management of orders.
    It would just be nice to try to understand what "passion" means.